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Welcome to The WordSmythe

Welcome to The WordSmythe, a one-stop shop for writing, editorial and communications services. Our mission is to deliver expert communications services and support that will ensure your success in conveying a wide range of messages to a diverse, global audience. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.

Check out the rest of the website for more details on our services and how The WordSmythe can help you get the most from your company’s communications, as well as the What’s Up .Doc blog.

Services & Specialties

Speeches & Scripts

The WordSmythe offers more than two decades of experience developing speeches, Q&A and panel discussion scripts and video scripts for executives of Fortune 500 companies, legislators and other leaders. Speeches, scripts, videos and visual support projects developed by The WordSmythe have been presented at such prestigious venues as World Travel & Tourism Council conferences in Washington, D.C. and Dubai, DiversityInc Leadership Conference, Marriott annual shareholder meetings and general manager conferences, and town hall meetings across the U.S., Canada and 20+ countries in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

Executive Suite Communications

The WordSmythe has extensive experience as a liaison and point of contact between executives and those demanding their time. Benefit from our expertise in scheduling, planning, scripting, marketing and documenting your leader’s participation in conference and convention presentations, charitable and civic events, awards ceremonies, interviews, media and promotional appearances, video and audio tapings, etc. We also offer coaching to help your executive develop the skills to be a more compelling, confident speaker and presenter.

Social Media Messaging

Let an award-winning blog writer and publisher craft your company’s corporate blog, help your executive build an active online presence, and make the most of a wide range of social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to deliver your messages to a diverse global audience. Services include planning and calendar management, research, design, idea generation, writing, publishing and basic marketing.

Internal & Media Communications

Features & Publications

We can develop and manage messaging for a wide range of communications mediums, including:

  • Employee newsletters and bulletins
  • Company internet and intranet
  • Feature and news articles
  • Interviews
  • News releases and media bulletins
  • Fact sheets
  • Market profiles
  • Personal profiles and biographies
  • Position descriptions

Editorial Services

The WordSmythe offers editorial services for both fiction and non-fiction projects, as follows:

Basic Editing: Thorough review and recommendations on spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency.

Substantive Editing: Basic editing services plus comments and recommendations on construction and flow, wording and sentence structure, and comprehension.

Visual Communications

Make your presentations come alive with dynamic visuals designed to grab and hold people’s attention and imagination. Through the use of bold PowerPoint presentations, inventive graphic designs and entertaining original videos, you can deliver a memorable presentation that will leave your audience energized and inspired.

What's Up .Doc?

When did people become 'that' instead of 'who'? It's one of my longstanding PGPs (pet grammar peeves). I know it's nit-picky, but hey, that's what I do! I ask you, can we please let people get back to being people, and let cars, phones and other inanimate objects be the things referred to as that? Not everyone agrees with me, and apparently, there is a long history of acclaimed writers who have used that to refer to people. Grammar Girl discusses their point. What do you think?

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