The WordSmythe

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With 30-plus years of corporate communications experience, The WordSmythe is dedicated to delivering a wide range of communications services that will make your ideas take wing, including:


  • Senior leadership messaging, representation and coaching
  • Speeches, scripts, show flows, feature articles, annual and technical reports, social media
           content and other written communications
  • Project and audio/video production management, design and development, including
           PowerPoint presentations and graphic design services
  • Internal communications messaging designed to engage employees
  • Substantive editing and research services


At The WordSmythe, all messaging is designed to align with existing communications channels and to support company mission and vision, objectives, core values and culture.


We also specialize in working closely with senior corporate leaders, including at the Chairman, CEO and Executive Committee levels, to develop and disseminate key company messages and manage planning and logistics for meetings, appearances and events.